Hotel Savoy Prague
More than a century of glory
Hotel Savoy Prague at the beginning of the 20th century
Favourite hotel, café, restaurant and cinema
Hotel Savoy Prague
Time passes but genius loci endures ...

History of the Hotel Savoy Prague

More than a century of tradition

Hotel Savoy Prague can boast about more than a century of tradition and history. The historical reference starts from the street name "Keplerova"  denoting the well-known 16th-century astronomer, astrologer, and mathematician Johaness Kepler.  His and Tycho de Brahe (16th-century alchemist, astronomer and astrologer) statues can be spotted just opposite the hotel. 

The hotel is enchanting not only for its location, which is listed in the UNESCO heritage, but also for its architecture. The building as such dates back to the 1911 and is marked with elements of secession and was originally designed as a hotel, restaurant and café. The interior has been decorated in the art deco style reflecting the roaring 20's era. Very quickly, the hotel became a frequently visited and beloved place of Prague and Czech elite society, artists and influential people. In 1914 the hotel was enhanced by the cinema, which was one of the first in Prague projecting both Czech and foreign movies repertoire. 

The glory of the hotel did not last for a long time. Since 1931 the decay started and lasted till 1992. 
However, the hotel has never been totaly abondoned. In the 1970´s and 1980's it was a popular place of the Prague underworld. 

The situation changed in 1992 when the hotel was renovated and regained its fame again. It was one of a few 5-star hotels in Prague and in fact, in the Czech Republic. It was frequently visited by both foreign and Czech actresses, actors, singers, artists and show-business persons as well as by personalities from the political and diplomatic field. 

Breathtaking library with a unique and valuable book collection. A full collection of the Britannica Encyclopedia, original edition of Goethe and many other classical masterpieces are waiting for your admiration. 

Nowadays, the hotel is owned by a purely Czech company, the Expandia Group and operated by a great and fully devoted team. Our aim is to provide our guests with extraordinary experience. Satisfied and returning guests are our greatest driving force. 

It passed a century after the first opening, however, the genius loci and the glory of the hotel is still present.

Come and see for yourself, we are sure you will fall in love with the Hotel Savoy Prague, as we did!